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Humboldt Hotsauce is comprised of a husband and wife team living the hot sauce dream, and 4 local business entrepreneurs that have a passion for gourmet, healthy hot sauce! Our company began in 2009, before the BIG hot sauce boom, when craft hot sauce companies were still coming together and a “healthy, fresh ingredient, non-vinegar based” hot sauce style was unheard of. Our hot sauce is different than other hot sauces, due to our use of fresh ingredients, and layers of flavor created by Chef, Cal Ferris. The first taste of our sauce typically offers a little heat and a few of the main ingredients. Then as the sauce continues to burn, you get different layers of flavor and depth. We want YOU to play with our hot sauces by adding them to everyday foods, to create dishes with more complex flavors, with simply the shake of a few drops of our hot sauces into any dish. Our hot sauces are not just a condiment, they bring food to a whole new level of umami flavor!

he idea of a healthy hot sauce, came about in our Portland, Oregon restaurant "Cool Runnings Cafe" in 2002. What started as a table side condiment in our restaurant, soon became one of the most popular requested items in our cafe. We were slinging chutney by the paper to-go coffee cup, and in 2005, Cal and Heidi decided to focus just on the hot sauce, and in 2009, we bottle our first batch of the habanero-mango hot sauce. We were quickly added to the local Humboldt County Co-ops, Natural Food Stores and small Gourmet Shops.

It was in 2011, we released our second hot sauce,the "Island Style", followed by the "Emerald" hot sauce in 2012. It was then that our company really began to expand. Currently, the original three hot sauces are being featured in markets all over the U.S. including 90+ Kroger Fred Meyer markets in Oregon, Washington State, Idaho and Alaska and in a specialty shop in Canada. You will soon be able to find our hot sauces and dry rubs Nation Wide!

Humboldt Hotsauce can also be seen in "The Collection", owned by chilehead and Chef, Vic Clinco, which is Known as the largest collection of Hot Sauces in the World! Our hot sauces can also be seen in several blogs and food publications. The “Island Style” was featured on Los Angeles morning news channel 7, when they were doing a piece on the "California Hot Sauce Expo", held in Anaheim, California. The Island was presented in a line-up of other great hot sauce makers, including Puckerbutt, with owner, Ed Currie, who is the creator of the Carolina Reaper Pepper and the Pepper X, (the hottest pepper in the world) and Steve Seabury, creator of several Hot Sauce Expos all throughout the United States and owner of High River Sauces. We have won several awards, including 1st Place at the World Hot Sauce Awards in Lafayette, Louisiana for the Emerald Sauce in the Mild category.
Humboldt Hotsauce has also received several 1st and 2nd Place Scovie Awards for both the Island and Habanero-Mango sauces.

Humboldt Hotsauce currently offers 7 varieties of hot sauces and 3 dry rubs. And, we are getting ready to release a “super-hot” sauce in July of 2018! We have also expanded into a new line of hot sauces, a collaboration with Home Brew Chef Sean Paxton, which are infused with California beers called, EAT BEER. There are currently two varieties of EAT BEER hot sauce, including the Nor-Cal Mole and the Yellow Thai Racer. These hot sauces are being really well received in both the hot sauce and beer Communities.

We also teamed up with Cafe Nooner Owners,Joe and Lorrena Filgas, in Eureka California to create the "Smokin Hot Nooner". This hot sauce has great flavor and a mild heat profile with smoky chipotles, jalapeno, ginger, orange, onions, carrots and roasted pasilla peppers, and pairs perfectly with eggs, burritos, and potatoes, and can be added to mayo to create a beautiful aioli for sandwiches!

Humboldt Hotsauce owners, Cal and Heidi Ferris operate the company together. Cal has been working as a Chef for over 25 years and has grown his love of food and sauces, into a passion for hot sauces. Cal has traveled all over the world and has a certain love for Caribbean, Creole and Island style foods. His hot sauce's feature flavors from his travels, with ingredients such as mango and pineapple, and other tropical ingredients. Heidi, has worked in the Food and Beverage industry for over 25 years. The last 12 years, she has worked as an event planner both in Portland and in Northern California. She now works full time as the Sales and Marketing Manager for Humboldt Hotsauce. Cal and Heidi currently make small batch hot sauce's out of Eureka, California!

Mailing Address: PO Box 460 Arcata, California 95518



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Photo Credit: Sean Paxton